A Direct Appeal to Ed Miliband

I joined The Labour Party just over a year ago. I joined because I saw Labour as the only viable alternative government to the present Tory led shambles. As an ‘average woman in the street’ and a lifelong Tory voter (I was brought up as a working class Tory) I was sickened by the way this present government is treating the less well off, the sick and disabled and the unemployed. I’m incensed by the totally unnecessary welfare and benefit cuts and so called reforms, the bedroom tax, Workfare, the rise of food banks and a whole host of measures aimed at the less fortunate members of society. There’s no doubt about it, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Four years after being elected the Tories are still blaming the last Labour government for the world recession. Shame on them.

However, as I stated in my last blog what really pisses me off  is the current generation of  BORING, BLAND, PLASTIC POLITICIANS with less personality than the dead slug on Baldrick’s upper lip. And I’m sorry to say that Ed Miliband fits neatly into this category. Now I know that Mr Miliband is a highly intelligent man and he certainly impresses me with his ability to give a long speech without references to notes or auto-cue  and he has the talent to engage with an audience and answer questions succinctly without waffling. But, and it’s a big but, he just doesn’t come across to the general public.

The last major politician with strong personality was Margaret Thatcher. Love her or hate her (I ended up loathing her) she had presence.  The only politicians today with personality are Alex Salmond (who wants an independent Scotland) and Nigel Farage (with his crocodile smile and his hail fellow well met, coming down the pub?) approach.

What I’m trying to say here is ‘will the real Ed Miliband please stand up‘. I believe there is something far better in Ed Miliband than we are seeing in the plastic homogenised person we see at the moment as leader of the Labour Party. I believe he has been got at by the so called personality gurus  and spin doctors, as has happened with so many of the current politicians. It’s almost as if they have all come off the same production line.

With the general election less than a year away it’s about time Ed started being more of a socialist instead of a imitation Tory. Let’s see some proper socialist policies from #Labour such as stopping the sell off of the #NHS.  Make a public announcement that Labour will bring it back into public ownership and scrap the so called Tory welfare reforms at the same time. While I’m on the public ownership thing how about the public utilities, gas, electricity and water, these essential public services should have never been privatised in the first place.

The Green Party have got most of it right apart from one thing, Europe! Forget a referendum, we need to stay in Europe. Maybe not quite as it is now, as reform is needed, and certainly not a political union such as a United States of Europe as. But it would be a economic disaster if we left the EU. For a start I’m pretty sure that most of the foreign owned British Car Makers would pull out of UK and transfer production to the European mainland.  Let’s face facts, the only reason the Japanese manufacture cars in this country is that they have a direct entry into Europe added to the fact we have a traditionally strong highly skilled workforce. The French and German manufacturers would soon transfer back to their own countries rather than face the extra tariffs imposed by the EU if Britain left the EU.

Anyway I digress, I started this blog as an appeal to Ed Miliband to be more of a socialist, stop trying to appeal to everyone, don’t forget the grassroots  or you will lose the left. Be yourself and stop being  Boring, Bland, Plastic Politician.





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17 responses to “A Direct Appeal to Ed Miliband

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    One may hope the author of this piece is pleased that Mr Miliband is taking a stand for democracy and wants to do whatever is necessary to ensure that people like terainahird don’t become so disenchanted with it that they choose not to vote.

    • I will most certainly vote, Mike, I did a lot of doorstepping for Labour at the recent council elections and talked to a lot of disenchanted people. I hope they will re-engage will politics and vote at the next election (preferably not for UKIP)

  2. Bryn miller

    A leopard can’t change his spots my dear.

  3. It’s a shame that you think being a european, which is what will happen in November when our national governance is finally completely subsumed by brussells, is a good thing, it is the worst thing that has ever happened to our once proud nation. However there is no reason to consider milliband will stop or reverse the privatisation of the NHS, there was more outsourcing of the nhs under labour than even the condems have managed.

  4. Guy Ropes

    The head of one of the biggest Japanese-owned car makers in Britain has said that he’s pleased that his plant is in the UK but would not look kindly on Britain leaving the EU. Why not? He could have located anywhere in the EU (it’s been around long enough), so what made him choose our green and pleasant? It must have been something else other than our EU membership. After all we’re a geographical outpost as far as Europe is concerned. Being here costs him more to transport cars across to Europe. It looks as if his decision to locate here, financially, is a counter-intuitive one. And if we did leave, think of the massive costs it would take for his company to re-locate to the Continent. For what? Would Europeans cease buying cars made in Britain?

  5. but its still far to the right were blair took it im wondering will he rock that boat bringing it back to whot it stood jeff3

  6. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Excellent! Will the real Ed Milliband please stand up!!

  7. This Tory convert to Labour observed: With the general election less than a year away it’s about time Ed started being more of a socialist instead of a imitation Tory.

    When when I picked myself off the floor for laughing, this Tory Lady is saying Ed Miliband and Labour is a socialist party.

    Rubbish. They are Tory Lite.

    The grassroots poorest want the UK to leave Europe, that with Austerity attacks workers and the poorest to death. Just ask a Greek. Another mistake done by Labour at the moment and why it is losing to UKIP.

    It was EU who took my state pension by an EU Directive to raise the retirement age, because the EU government plundered the pension funds from all sources of nations in debt to Europe, a debt caused by Europe in the first place.

    There is no reason to raise the retirement age in the UK as we have no European debt and our ring fenced National Insurance Fund has been full for decades, not needing a top up from tax.

    The NI Fund itself is not a tax and so cannot by law be emptied to use for government’s general expenditure.

    Even the Pensioners’ Convention has got it wrong that government can empty the NI Fund to pay off the national debt.

    In Scotland the Tories and Labour have both said they will abolish the Bedroom Tax. Labour invented the Bedroom Tax during 13 years of rule before 2010.

    Labour began welfare reform and brought in the likes of Atos before 2010, when food bank need began to rise as far back as 2005.

    The real socialist labour is in parties with ex-Labour MPs as candidates and executive.

    It is suggested this Tory Lady convert, convert further into the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and try to keep it going all year, instead of just before an election.

    See TUSC’s banned party political video not broadcast by any TV Cnannel before May 22, to see if Labour would now be losing to the Elvis Party as the Lib Dems are doing (with the Elvis Party running in the Neward By-Election), on my personal website:

    There is the Left Unity Party and Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall.

    I doubt whether this Tory Lady Convert could cope with Class War party?

    Only socialism can save socialism in the UK today.

    If you look at the Yes Campaign in Scotland, socialism is why Scotland has to go free, as London’s obsession with Austerity and Welfare Reform threatens peoples’ with hunger, in the sole nation in Europe who does not feed the starving (it takes over a month without food to end up in hospital for malnutrition) each and every day.

    Sitting Labour councillors and MPs need to convert to socialist parties today, to separate themselves from New Labour and leave Ed Balls and Ed Miliband and the like behind, who say they will not reverse Tory spending cuts and do more of their own.

    TUSC was the sole party who said the truth that has effected 530,000 women since 2013 for no reason whatsoever, for our money denied us:
    the state pension is not some generous gift from government to be withdrawn at whim, but deferred wages from our youth.

    If TUSC offers us 530,000 women our state pension back-dated to beginning of loss (30,000 from 2013 and 500,000 from this year and the thousands in 2015 between January and the election win) and then pay us monthly our state pension, back to being linked to average wages, then they will win the 2015 general election in a landslide.

    At the moment no party will get enough votes to form a government, from the lowest UK voter turnout in history.

    There is no reason for young people to vote because Labour will keep the slavery of Workfare.

    There is no reason for those over 60 to vote, due to all the pensioner bashing that Labour began before 2010.

    Women aged 50 – 66 where half work in public sector, yet suffering two thirds of job losses, with a good number early retired and now finding the state pension, food money, denied far beyond any savings to cover. We are abandoned.

    Half of women are within the working poor that government spending cuts hit hard, as women tend to be poorer than men.

    Men and women starve in this nation, the 6th richest on earth. So what is Labour doing about it now, as the hungry of all ages, including the kids with Rickets, cannot wait til the general election.

    It is my hope that this Tory convert Lady talks to TUSC. Because that is where the Labour I voted for in my youth, as did all the generations of my family before me from when Labour began, now resides.

    TUSC is better than The Greens, as The Greens did Austerity in the one council The Greens rule, Brighton. A town with a significant population of poor students, working poor, and poor pensioners.

  8. john ingamells

    it is a disgrace that this coalition have continued to take advantage of the global capitalist financial crash to attack the state and welfare and benefit systems in most countries, as well as in the UK specifically, use austerity to attack and use creeping privatisation and scapegoating the sick, weak and vulnerable. Its fascinating that capitalism and trickle down economic theory fails and the weakest and masses suffer most, and it seems will suffer for the foreseeable future. Now, Mr Miiband , i am sad to say, in response to this queens speech, once again used tory language like, make hard work pay’ as a form of divide and rule and infer the masses shirked work, as opposed to deserved a living wage.He failed to address the corrupt nature of privatisation of all of this countries assets to its friends, including the bizarre system we have for the rail franchises which continues to baffle me 100%. I wish that Labour were moving closer to its core and its origins-socialism, i really would love to believe the influence of the blairite thatcher loving was banished from Labour and we saw Labour representing the people who Bevan and Atlee saw as the most important people in the aftermath of world War Two, not bankers, financiers or corporations. Atlee oversaw massive housing programmes with major demand for homes, much the same as is the case now, Labour should see social housing for the masses as a major election policy. We saw the birth of the welfare state and NHS against that post war austerity, compare that to now, the tories see a chance to privatise the NHS and to make money for a few using cheap labour. Lastly, Europe is often used as the easy scapegoat for all our ills when it is basically as a result of a sense of superiority, Empire obsessed and xenophobia. Labour cannot use this populist trend to also move right, it should be proud to remain a left wing party proud of the power and value of the state and of society.

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